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Now Asthetics Matter for 3D Printers

The 3D printer company Pirate 3D has raised over $1,438,000 in funds on kickstarter for development and launch of it’s Buccaneer printer. Impressive, particularily because the Singaporean company’s initial kickstarter fundraising goal was only $100,000. The new 3D printer is intended for the consumer market with a very low price point (<$400 US).

So what makes this new 3D printer so exciting to potential customers? It is design. The Buccaneer printer itself uses open source raspberry Pi electronics to drive the hardware, but the printer housing itself has a stunning design. With brushed aluminum and clear plexiglass, think Apple aethetics for 3D printers. Likewise, Pirate 3D (interesting company name, considering the concern with intellectual property laws and 3D printing) is developing an easy to use software interface and what it calls “smart objects” to provide drag and drop design functionality for additive manufacturing.

This is just the most recent effort to bring 3D printing to the masses. You can now buy the Cube brand of 3D printers at Staples and the newest version of Windows 8 (version 8.1) to be released later this year will have a built-in 3D printer interface. We will all have our own 3D printer soon, right there next to the WiFi router, cranking out widgets of our own custom design.

I’m all-in.